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March for Science -- Corvallis is a non-partisan event. We invite and encourage the celebration of science; and recognize the importance of allowing scientific principles to guide public policy. Admittedly, the dividing line between science-based policy and overt politicization of science is undefined. In contrast, the dividing line between politicization and partizanship is well defined:  We do not villianize any particular politician or political party. We actively discourage participants from using the march as a platform to air discontent over a particular politician or party.

Our code of conduct for the march is based on the principle that the march should be a safe, friendly, and inclusive event for our community.

  • This is intended as a family friendly event.
  • This is a peaceful event. Please no violence;
  • Please follow all traffic flaggers, signage, and stay on course;
  • Please don't litter!! If you see litter, please pick it up. It is Earth Day after all;
  • Please be respectful of your community and fellow participants


Event participant acknowledges the following:

March for Science -- Corvallis Organizers are volunteers and are not being compensated in any manner for their time and dedication to this event. This event is a grassroots movement that is fluid and has many moving parts. Information is shared and disseminated as quickly as possible by the Organizers. Nothing in the information provided is intended to create a contractual relationship and Organizers are merely acting as facilitators to aid in the success of the event.

Any person participating in the March for Science -- Corvallis does so at their own risk and at their own expense. No warranty of any kind, express or implied, is made by Organizers. Organizers are NOT liable for any monetary loss, personal injury, cancellation of event, or misinformation. Participants release Organizers from any and all legal liability and acknowledge that participation is entirely at their own risk. Information is subject to change, with or without notice.